SM Pohjanmaa Rally 15.-16-6-2018

Kasi finishes 9th in the Finnish Rally Championship rally in Ostrobothnia, Finland

The second summer-rally of the season brought the Finnish Championship Rally (FRC) series to the fields of Western Finland as the Ostrobothnia rally was driven in almost boiling temperatures last weekend (June 15-16, 2018). With six special stages, the one-day rally offered just under 100 kilometers of a versatile route with fast-paced field-openings and winding forest legs.  RallyTeamKasing, with the line-up Jukka Kasi and Miika Teiskonen, crossed the finish line at 9th position in FRC1-class, bringing home important points in terms of the overall season standings.

This year RallyTeamKasing entered into the Ostrobothnia rally with a new line-up as the experienced co-driver Miika Teiskonen took charge of reading the notes for this rally. The pair found their common “note” already in the first tests driven before the rally on Thursday.

– We got off to a good start right from the get-go. I’m really looking forward to driving with such a professional, Kasi summed up his first impressions Thursday night.

The actual rally kicked off on Saturday morning with the special stages SS3 – Naarajoki and SS4 – Päkki 1, which were driven again as special stages 7 and 8. When driven twice, these two long stages (14.55 km and 23.04 km respectively) were equivalent to more than half of the SS-kilometers of the entire rally. Arriving at the first service break, the pair Kasi-Teiskonen were at the 10th position.

After completing the initial “run-in” of their cooperation, it was time to attempt raising the speed on the afternoon’s special stages. The short SS 5 – Vedenoja gave a promising glimpse of this, but a tyre puncture at SS 6 – Viitala slowed them down and brought them down in the overall standings.

– Just a little before the halfway point, our right front tire hit a rock on the road surface. I took a conscious risk and decided to try finishing the SS with an empty tyre as changing it would have been too time-consuming. At the end, our time-gap to the leading car extended to around 50 seconds on just that SS, Kasi analyzed the incident at Saturday’s second service break.

Going into the rally-ending special stages, RallyTeamKasing set out to improve both their speed and position – ultimately aiming to secure the important FRC-points. In terms of climbing up on the final standings, the speed seemed promising but the kilometers ran out: although the pair Kasi-Teiskonen succeeded in narrowing their time-gap to the car ahead of them by nine seconds, they fell three seconds short of achieving the 8th position.

– The roads were quite fast-paced, typical Ostrobothnian field and forest legs I’d say. Although when driven twice, the road conditions started suffering towards the end. Our driving went smoothly and without mistakes. Heading towards the season-ending rallies, our goal was to secure the important FRC-series points for the team – which we also managed to do, Kasi commented on the result.

After the 5 rallies of the season so far, Kasi holds the 8th position in the drivers’ overall standings in FRC1-class.

Text: Information | RallyTeamKasing

Photos: RallyTeamKasing, KuuzelaPhotos, Samzon